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Dr. Flavio Sanza

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MOBILE: (+44) 07554482034

PLACE OF BIRTH: Turin, Italy

DATE OF BIRTH: 19th June 1976


January 2014: Degree in Teaching Skills for Post-Graduates, Swansea University, UK.

November 2004-February 2008: Ph.D. in Strategic Sciences, Turin University, Italy.

Thesis: Roman Empire and American Empire, a possible comparison?

Synopsis: Many Neo-Cons refer to the US as the new Roman Empire, so my dissertation had been an investigation on the ideology of conquest to be found in Roman and American authors. For example, I have compared Roman ideology of conquest from Virgil’s Aeneid with American ideology of conquest from Bush’s US National Security Strategy 2002. So I have found a lot of similarities between Roman and American imperialism, concluding that they are substantially the same.

Supervisors: Prof. Fabio Armao, Dr. Walter Coralluzzo.

June 2005: Degree in Journalism, Journalism and Public Relations School ‘Carlo Chiavazza’, Turin, Italy.

September 1996-March 2003: MA in History, Turin University, Italy.

Thesis: The siege of Alesia by Caesar.

Synopsis: My dissertation is an investigation on the seventh book of Caesar’s Gallic War, where the Roman general described how he had besieged Alesia, capital of Gaul. Caesar built a clever system of two circular concentric fortifications around Alesia (one circumvallation, one contravallation) to ‘close’ it and, at the same time, to protect himself from an external attack. The traps he had put in front of his fortifications show us his military genius. Caesar owed his victories in the first and the second battle of Alesia to these traps that stopped Gallic assaults. Then he won the third decisive battle moving his cohorts outside Roman camps taking the Gallic armies by surprise.

Supervisors: Dr. Walter Coralluzzo, Prof. Sergio Roda.



  • Imperialism: the ideology of conquest from Roman to American Empire; imperialism and its socio-political development through the centuries.

  • Strategy: great commanders from the past to understand their tactical ideas such as Julius Caesar.

  • Drama: great dramatists of the past and their plays in their historical context such as Dario Fo.

  • Flamenco: Spanish guitar-making and luthiers such as José Ramirez and players such as Paco de Lucia



October 2013-January 2014: Part-Time Lecturer, University of Swansea, UK.

Course Title: Modern Theatre, Dario Fo (MLI300)



January 2013-present: Honorary Research Associate, Callaghan Centre for War Studies, Swansea University, UK.

June 2010-July 2012: Visiting Scholar, UCD Centre for War Studies, University College of Dublin, Ireland

March 2010-April 2010: Visiting Scholar, History Department, Ghent University, Belgium

October 2009-December 2009: Visiting Scholar, History Department, Radboud University, Nijmeghen, Netherlands



Books: 1) Sanza, F. 2009. L’assedio di Alesia. Cesare alla conquista delle Gallie. Torino: Seneca Edizioni.

2) Sanza, F. 2009. Imperium, La cultura del potere nella Roma dei Cesari. Torino: Seneca Edizioni.

Articles in progress: 1) Sanza, F. Caesar, a military genius.

2) Sanza, F. US Imperial Leadership.



22nd -23rd July 2015: ‘Violence in the American Imagination’, Loughborough University, UK. Paper: Gangs and Movies: The New American Violence.

21st July 2015: ‘Magic and the Supernatural in the Medieval and Early Modern Periods’, Cardiff University, UK. Paper: Trial on Witches: The Malleus Maleficarum.

1st -3rd July 2015: Romance Studies Colloquium: Adaptation: Intertextual Transformations across Different Media’, Swansea University, UK. Paper: Chile from Paper to Screen: Isabel Allende’s La casa de los espíritus.

1st -3rd July 2015: ‘Narratives of Peace and Conflict International Conference’, Archbishop Desmond Tutu Centre for War and Peace Studies, Liverpool Hope University, UK. Paper: Pictures from Hell: WWI Poems.

8th -11th April 2015: ‘First International Conference on the Historical Links between USA and Spain’, Universidad de Alcalà, Spain. Paper: Spanish Imperialism in America.

19th -21st March 2015: ‘Democracy and Participation in Latin America’, University of Sussex, Brighton, UK. Paper: The Invisibles Desaparecidos.

22nd January 2015: ‘CECSAM Meetings’, Swansea University, UK. Paper: New perspectives on Spanish Imperialism.

21st -22nd November 2014: ‘Global Insecurities International Conference 2014’, Bristol University, UK. Paper: Drone Wars, the Future?

11th -14th November 2014: ‘Jornadas do Mar 2014. Sea: A Wave of Progress’, Naval Academy, Lisbon, Portugal. Paper: Naval Strategy from the Past.

6th -8th November 2014: ‘Augustus through the Ages: Receptions, Readings and Appropriations of the Historical Figure of the First Roman Emperor’, Bibliothèque Royale de Belgique, Bruxelles, Belgium. Paper: Augustus and Shakespeare, from History to Theatre.

25th October 2014: ‘Soldiers and Civilians, Experiences and Memories of the First World War’, National Museum of Ireland, Collins Barracks, Dublin, Ireland. Paper: Poetry from Hell: Soldiers and Civilians’ Poems on World War One.

7th -10th July 2014: International Medieval Congress 2014, Leeds University, UK. Paper: A Friar against Spanish Imperialism.

27th June 2014: ‘Latin-Americanists in Wales’ Regional Seminar, Swansea University, UK. Paper: Paco de Lucia, Flamenco Master.

19th -20th June 2014: 8th Annual Symposium by the Sea, ‘The Face of the Battle in Medieval History and Literature’, Swansea University, UK. Paper: Vegetius’ De Re Militari.

14th June 2014: ‘American Imperialism and Identity: National and International Understandings of the United States’, Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Conference, Durham University, UK. Paper: On the New American Imperialism.

1st -3rd May 2014: ‘Why War: peace Studies in the 21st Century’, Peace Studies 40th Anniversary International Conference, Bradford University, UK. Paper: A Philosopher against the Idea of War.

28th -29th March 2014: ‘Re-Inventing Eastern Europe’, 3rd Euroacademia International Conference, Berlin, Germany. Paper: Dracula, from History to Cinema.

24th January 2014: ‘Latin-Americanists in Wales’ Regional Seminar, Aberystwyth University, UK. Paper: A Friar against Spanish Imperialism: Bartolomé de Las Casas.

9th -11th January 2014: ‘Gender and Status’, Gender and Medieval Studies Conference 2014, Winchester University, UK. Paper: A Friar against Macho Conquistadores.

5th -6th December 2013: ‘Annual Meeting of Postgraduates in Reception of the Ancient World (AMPRAW) 2013’, Exeter University, UK. Paper: Caesar and Shakespeare, from History to Theatre.

9th November 2013: ‘Universities in Wales Institute of Classics and Ancient History (UWICAH) First Annual Meeting of Postgraduates 2013’, Swansea University, UK. Paper: Julius Caesar, a Master of Leadership and Transformations.

24th -26th October 2013: ‘Global Challenges for the Transatlantic World’, 7th Transatlantic International Studies Conference, Universidad de Alcalà, Spain. Paper: New Ideas on Imperialism.

19th -20th September 2013: 2013 McMullen Naval History Symposium, United States Naval Academy, Annapolis, USA. Paper: The First Naval Siege, Alexander the Great vs. Tyrus.

2nd July 2013: ‘The Study of Post-colonialism in the Social Sciences and the Humanities’, End of the Year Conference, Swansea University, UK. Paper: Ancient and Modern Imperialism: New Thinking.



2010-present: University College of Dublin (UCD) Centre for War Studies, Ireland

2013-present: Centre for the Comparative Study of the Americas (CECSAM), Swansea University, UK

2013-present: Centre for Medieval and Early Modern Research (MEMO), Swansea University, UK

2013-present: Research Institute for Arts and Humanities (RIAH), Swansea University, UK

2013-present: Callaghan Centre for War Studies, Swansea, UK

2013-present: Archbishop Desmond Tutu Centre for Peace and War and Peace Studies, Hope University, Liverpool, UK



Italian native speaker.

Good in English speaking and writing.

Good in Latin and ancient Greek.


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