Flavio Sanza is an Italian Historian.

He earned his MA in History (2003) and PhD in Strategic Sciences (2008) from Turin University, Italy.

He had been Visiting Researcher in Netherlands (Radboud University, Nijmegen), Belgium (Ghent University) and Ireland (University College of Dublin).

Actually he is Honorary Visiting Researcher at Callaghan Centre for War Studies in Swansea University, UK. He is also History Tutor in Italian Dept. of the same university, teaching: “Modern Theatre: Dario Fo”.

His fields of research are imperialism, leadership, strategy and history of theatre.

He published two books in Italian, the first one on Caesar as military leader (Flavio Sanza, L’assedio di Alesia, Cesare alla conquista delle Gallie, Seneca Edizioni, Torino, 2009), the second one on Roman imperialism as ideology of conquest (Flavio Sanza, Imperium, La cultura del potere nella Roma dei Cesari, Seneca Edizioni, Torino, 2009).

He had attended as speaker in important international meetings:

  • Imperialism: an idea of conquest through centuries, UCD Centre for War Studies, Dublin, Ireland, January, 2011;
  • Prospettive sull' imperialismo antico e medievale, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland, January 2011;
  • Ancient and modern imperialism: new thinking, Swansea University, UK, July 2013;
  • The first naval siege: Alexander the Great vs. Tyre, United States Naval Academy (USNA), Annapolis, USA, September 2013;
  • New ideas on imperialism, Alcalà de Henares, Spain, October 2013;
  • Caesar and Shakespeare, from History to Theatre, Exeter University, UK, December 2013;
  • A friar against macho conquistadores, Winchester University, UK, January 2014.

He is member of UCD Centre for War Studies, Dublin, Ireland; Desmond Tutu Centre for War Studies, Hope University, Liverpool, UK; Centre for Central and Southern American Studies (CECSAM), Swansea University, UK; Centre for Medieval and Modern Studies (MEMO), Swansea University, UK.

He is actually working on his first book on imperialism as idea of conquest trough centuries.

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